Smart Labelers

Price and Label Guns with Universal Labels

About Smart Labelers:

• Fast and easy loading of labels
• 2 year warranty
• Lightweight, ergonomic design and simple operation
• 8 band open code dater has universal date layout, can be YYYYMMDD or DDMMYY
• Standard 7 bands o er more  exibility than the 6 bands, can be $0.00 or 0,00$
• Universal adhesive labels for all temperatures -30°C to 80°C
• European quality, made in Italy
• All labellers are sold as starter kit, includes labeller and ink roll, 10 rolls of labels, 1 replacement ink roller - great value!
• Made of durable, high quality engineered  polymer frame
• Unexposed label rolls prevent the labels from being crushed or contaminated
• Snap in/out ink roller means no messy replacement
• Self correcting feed mechanism, virtually jam-proof 

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