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With a pager call system for trucks you will save time and frustration.


  • Save a lot of time and frustration – do not have to run out and look for trucks.
  • Overview - Everything can be controlled from an office or from the ramp.
  • Peace of mind for the driver - He does not feel forgotten.
  • No language difficulties - Beep and blink is an international language that everyone can understand.
  • Avoid traffic jams - Manage the flow.
  • Higher safety - trucks cannot leave the ramp before they are told.
Coordination of loading and unloading can be a time-consuming affair. With a calling system for waiting lorries, warehouse workers can save a lot of time as well frustration.
Here you should not worry about language difficulties or misunderstandings. Beep and blink is understood by everyone!
A calling system ensures you a great overview –  everything can be controlled from your office space or ramp.
A calling system not only provides comfort and overview, but also a significant increase in the safety for the staff who no longer must rush between the trucks in the yard.
With a calling system for waiting lorries, you create peace and security, both for driver and warehouse staff. This gives a faster and more efficient on- and offloading.
With us, you get a calling system which is easy and quick to install. And as of course works every time
Coordination of loading and unloading can be a time consuming affair. With a pager system for waiting trucks, warehouse staff will save considerable time and frustration.
A pager system for waiting trucks provide both peace and security, and gives a much more rapid and efficient approach and departure.

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