Beach Calling System

Beach Club - Beach Paging System

Perfect for Beach Bed's and Beach Umbrella's

You’re on vacation, lying on the beach soaking in the rays, when you wish that you had a nice cold beverage or some crispy French fries. Rather than getting up to give in to your cravings after you’re already so comfortable, just page our Beach Club buttons to get served.

Beach and pool areas can be challenging to service. Our Umbrella Bell is waterproof and can handle intense sunlight, severe weather conditions and these casings can resist extreme conditions such as wind, sun, water, sand, salt and even birds. Bells come with a mounting strap. Guest simply presses for service and a staff member’s watch receiver is instantly paged.

  • 100% Waterproof bell
  • Highly customized product to work with any poolside area with sun umbrellas
  • The system can be fitted easily to operate across very large properties
  • Color coding and unique numbering system for geo-location
  • Anti-theft feature ? Product dimension: 60 x 15 mm / 25gr
  • FSK wireless technology, 434.65 MHz frequency

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