Queuing system

A modern & economic queuing system for the management of your waiting area
made in germany
Are you looking for an innovative and economical solution for organizing your waiting area? cleverQ offers you all the advantages of a digital queuing system and a modern on-site queuing system. Direct and organize your walk-in and appointment customers centralized via one platform. 
Queuing system cleverQ - the choice is yours
Customize your individual solution
Do you want a digital queuing system, a high-performance and reliable kiosk system in combination with monitors, a conventional ticket issuing system or do you want to enable your customers to book appointments on site and online? With cleverQ, you can implement individual components quickly and easily in your company, or you can combine your desired features to create a first-class queuing system for managing your waiting areas, regardless of whether it’s walk-in customers or appointment customers. Everything is controlled centrally via a user-friendly platform. 
Modern kiosk systems
Intelligent and flexible kiosk systems to control your visitor flows. All devices are matched to the cleverQ system and optimized for the application. Our kiosk systems enable numerous useful functions from ticket reservation to appointment booking or QR code registration.
Touch kiosk systems
Ticket printers as free standing devices,
tabletop printers for receptions
or as wall installation.
Extensive appointment booking functions
Reliable ticket allocation
QR code registration
and many other functions
Planning, consulting, installation and commissioning by trained specialists.
Queue Management
cleverQ’s web queue management allows you to manage your walk-in and appointment customers centrally via one platform. Regardless of whether customers book an appointment online, use the app or pull a ticket on site, everything is added to your digital queue centrally and in real time. Even if an appointment is canceled, free appointment slots are automatically released and made available to your customers for booking.
Centralized management of walk-in and appointment customers
Real-time display of all appointment slots and waiting persons in your queue
Data-supported, statistical evaluations of all processes in connection with appointment and waiting time management
Automatic release of appointment slots in case of cancellation
Forwarding, postponing or repeating calls
Blocking or releasing of queue ticket issuance
Access control in connection with called customer
Assignment of rights for employees
Operation on request on your own servers or as hosting with German partners (Hetzner)
Online & Offline Appointment Service
With cleverQ, you can quickly & easily make your services available online so that your customers can book appointments at your company ( around the clock, if desired). You can offer on-site appointment booking either via our smart kiosk systems or conventionally via reception or telephone. Entering appointments is intuitive and easy for your employees. 
Create individual services & concerns
Unlimited number of calendars & users
User roles & permissions
Appointment templates
Weekly schedules
Exception & holidays
Location management
Provide appointments for video consulting
Setting up the system environment according to your wishes 
e-Tickets (digital waiting tickets)
With cleverQ’s web queue management, you can issue e-tickets (digital queue tokens) via all common browsers. You don’t need to install any additional software (SaaS – Software as a Service). Your customers either book their queue tickets comfortably with the free cleverQ app, on site with a kiosk system or at the reception.
Your customers do not have to be on site to pull an e-ticket.
aiting times on site are reduced
Pulling tickets via the free cleverQ app,
via QR code,
on site at the kiosk system
or via SMS
Waiting time before the call no longer has to be spent in the waiting area (queue and remaining waiting time are displayed on the smartphone in real time).
Monitors & Displays
Our queuing displays can handle much more than simple numbers. On request, we can expand your queuing monitors into fully-fledged digital signage solutions that allow you to centrally manage, plan and display the latest information, news or advertising. An individual presentation of your queuing screen is easily possible and adaptable to your CI. 
LED-Displays in unterschiedlichsten Größen
Digital Signage Anbindung
Individualisierung der Aufrufmasken
Wunschinstallation als Freistehende Monitore, als Wandinstallation oder als Desktopvariante
Zentrale Steuerung der Anzeigen mit cleverQ Web-Control, ganz bequem über Webbrowser
Planung, Beratung, Installation und Inbetriebnahme von geschultem Fachpersonal.

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