Avoid queues and waiting time.

Why a calling system for retail?

Waiting situations for both employees and customers are often lost (and frustrating) time!
With a calling system for retail, you can reduce customer frustration due to needed wait or queuing. The waiting time feels more comfortable for the customer when they no longer need to stand by a counter and wait for the staff to return!
In busy stores, communication between employees and customers is important, as the customer otherwise easily may feel forgotten or overlooked. The service level of the store is ideally supported by a calling system for retail, ensuring more efficiency and a higher level of service. Especially in places where employees can be spread across a larger area.
There are many situations where a calling system for retail makes sense:
• Test room where customers can call the staff.
• Click & collect where the goods needs to be picked up in warehouse.
• In all stores, waiting for a consultant or an agent, customers tcan shop while waiting.
• At the car dealer, customers can visit the showroom while waiting for their car to be finished in the workshop
• In the DIY shops, you can install call buttons in the departments which is not constantly manned and the customer can call     service. Or if they have to wait for merchandise they have to pick up.
• In stores, on shelves or in product sections, call buttons can be installed so the customer do not have to run around to find     staff.
The advantage of a calling system is that it removes long queues. Queues that can scare new customers away.
With the right calling system for your waiting situation you can therefore both increase revenue and customer loyalty.
A calling system can reduce stress and frustration among staff, and provide customers a better experience in the business.
With a simple calling system, you can often solve many frustrating waiting situations, both for staff and customers, which ultimately gives greater employee and customer satisfaction!


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