Nurse Calling System

Better communication enable effective patient care

Hospital Wireless Nurse Call System

This is an efficient emergency wireless nurse call, transmitting location information to both the wireless receiver fixed to a nurse station and the portable receiver carried by the nurse in charge at the same time as soon as a paging bell mounted on the wall of a patient room, toilet or bath room is pressed in case of emergency so that they can quickly respond to the situation. It can be used when doctor's need to come and see patients especially in emergency room or medical staff can call doctor's.

Main Features

  • Reliable solution to connect patient immediately to the nurse team or Doctor.
  • The Patient will ask for assistance directly pushing the bottom and the message will directly show on the nurse pager.
  • As a wireless system , it is economic as it costs less in installation and maintenance
  • Easy expandable and relocated to another place
  • It can be configured in various ways depending on the environment of the facilities and the behavior pattern of inpatients
  • Signals are transmitted to both a fixed monitor type receiver and a portable receiver at the same time
  • It just required only simple operation to add new registration or change the system configuration without additional construction after initially installed
  • As multiple wireless transmission method is employed in this system, each receiver works independently , which means that even one receiver is failed, the other one is still working properly.

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