Easy waiting time with an effective pager call system

  • More freedom - even to get coffee, go to the toilet, stretch the legs, etc.
  • More flexibility – also great when children have to wait
  • Fewer unpleasant or conflicting situations – With the disc, the troublemakers can reside outside the normal waiting areas
  • More peace - even when there are many in the waiting area
  • More relaxed - even when the waiting time is long
  • More secure communications - also in relation to language barriers, hearing and visually impaired people
  • Fewer patients missing/lost - the disc may be taken away from the waiting area
  • Fewer impatient patients - the disc provides certainty for the patients, which is then less anxious and worried about being forgotten
  • Fewer interruptions and concerns - the disc allows more time for real / effective patient care

Why a patient call system for hospitals?

The waiting time in a hospital can be very stressful and cause uncomfortable situations for both patients as well as staff.
With a patient call system, waiting time becomes easier and more comfortable for patients, and more efficient for the staff.
Patients do not experience the waiting time as long and frustrating, as they can be allowed to move around without worrying about losing their space in the queue.
In short:
A patient call system gives less stress and fewer disturbances for the staff and greater safety and satisfaction for the patients.

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