Medi Call System

Improve waiting areas and patient experience

Pleasant waiting time and better treatment for the patients

Are you looking for a silent way to locate your patients ?

We have a variety of on-site pagers that suits your hospital/clinic needs . With our patient call system, we ensure optimal patient logistics within the hospital or healthcare institution. You can work systematically and in this way also quickly catch up when delays in appointments take place. In addition, you can change the entire waiting experience with the patient calling system for care. When patients or guests have to wait a long time, this creates even more tension, annoyance and restlessness.

Benefits of Medi Call System

  • Maintain a calm and serene atmosphere in your hospital or clinic with our healthcare pagers.
  • Allow your guests to visit the gift store or cafeteria with peace of mind knowing that they won’t miss their appointment.
  • The doctor decides in which order the patients may come so that they can work efficiently.
  • The pager gives a clear signal, also suitable for visually impaired or hearing impaired patients and guests.
  • No more unnecessary stress, tension and annoyance while waiting.
  • Lower workload for staff because they don't feel rushed by disgruntled patients in the waiting room.
  • The confidentiality of patients : The patients name remains private as the hospital staffs can contact them directly.
  • Less Noise Pollution : Waiting room will be silent as there will be no louder announcements.

How does the Medi call system work?

After reporting, your patients receive a pager (buzzer, beeper) or disc that vibrates when it is (almost) the patient's turn. So the patient can quietly drink a cup of coffee, walk around or get a breath of fresh air.

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