HealthCare Waitlist Application

Smart Call Messenger

To Manage Customers and Patient Workflow

Our healthcare and doctor waitlist app improves staff efficiency and increases patient satisfaction. Track wait times, manage appointment , patient flow and page or text staff and patients instantly. Ideal for healthcare and doctor's offices. Smart Call Messenger is a HIPAA compliant healthcare waitlist app. Discreetly manage patient flow and send notifications when the doctor or department is ready for them. The intuitive, full color interface allows medical staff to send messages to cell phones and pagers. Run reports to see the number of people waiting along with the average waiting time.

You can use smartcall messenger as a stand-alone text waitlist app or you can integrate the app with our paging systems.

Additional Features

Welcome Message

Send a default welcome message automatically, or create a custom welcome message when the patient enters the system.


Easily add notes so the medical staff can discreetly stay updated on patient details.

Patient Texting

Text patients when the doctor is ready to see them or welcome them when they enter the waitlist.

Immediate Activation

Get started right away — no set-up needed.

Flexible Integration

Easily integrate our line of healthcare pagers into your existing paging system for maximum flexibility.

HIPAA Compliant

Our app, network, and security measures follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act standard for protecting sensitive patient data.

Secure Communication

The SmartCall Messenger web server is a local, HTTPS environment for optimal privacy and security.


View waitlist number and average wait time across specific departments on any given day, week or year. Export reports as needed.

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