Waiter Call System



Save time and money and get a better co-operation in the restaurant

• Get food out of the kitchen faster
• Eliminate reheats
• Increase check averages
• Make food runners more efficient
• Reduce labor expenses
• Retain good servers with increased tips
• Build better customer rapport
• Run a smoother operation
• Increase Check Averages
The Waiter Paging System lets you run a smoother operation while increasing check averages, no matter the delivery system – server pickup, teams or runners.
Designed for tough restaurant environment the system allows your servers the time to focus on your guests and employ suggestive selling to increase sales.
Managers and servers can be notified if there are any questions or problems in the kitchen that require immediate attention.
The pagers provides a durable, low profile silent vibration pager designed for the rigors of the restaurant environment.

Waiter Call Features:

• 6 , 12 or 24 Single Press Push Button Transmitter, or alternative small StaffCall transmitter
• Auto Recall Feature
• All-Page Feature
• Robust Reliable Pagers with metal clip.
• 2 Manager Buttons
• Easy Read LED Pager Number
• User-Replaceable Rechargeable Batteries
• Unique System ID


• Silent Discrete Communication. Options for vibrate only, vibrate & flash, vibrate flash & bleep or full alpha text messaging.
• Simple Operation Press the server’s number on the kitchen transmitter and the server is instantly alerted
• Robust Pager Design Pagers are made from high quality parts offering the best performance in the industry
• LED Pager Display Clear LED pager number display, no messy number stickers
• Upgradeable range of pagers & options for flexible communication

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