Button Call Solutions

Modern And Easy Button Call Save Time And Resources

Push for service ....  Push for help

For restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, hospitals, doctor and dentist consultations, retail, logistic centers and production places.

  • The guest or customer can quickly and discreetly ask for the staff’s attention
  • No stress for guests or service staff
  • Increase additional sales and higher average checks
  • Reduce personnel costs
  • Rational workflow
  • A silent and modern reception bell
  • Operates over a wide area, both indoors and outdoors
  • Freedom for staff as well as being more productive and flexible.
  • Reduce customer frustration and avoid lost sales.
  • Restroom Attendant™ tracks traffic in and out of the restroom



The Button Call System gives your business great benefits and a more streamlined workflow.

The system consists of a discreet and stylish button “TABLE CALL” which simple and easy can be placed in any location. By a simple touch, it will send a message to customized watches informing about who wants service or attention!

The system is designed for harsh environments both indoors and outdoors, and call buttons are waterproof. The system saves the staff time and resources, and create a better and instant service experience for your guest or customer. The system can be used in many different environments, such as restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, hospitals, retail, logistic centers and production sites.

The system is also available as a simple and small waiter call system or staff call system with 2-6 buttons for restaurants and places that simply have few people to call.

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